Funeral halls and cremation sites tell real Wuhan deaths



On 26 Mar 2020, just after loosening city lock down, so many people were making lines at funeral halls to get their family’s ashes in Wuhan.

Everybody could see that the number of these poeple was much bigger than that of China gov announced.

Many citizens took short videos with their mobiles and upload them on the internet, but all of them was deleted by China gov.

Now through this situation we can see the number of death China gov announced was not trustworthy, and here let us see the real number of Wuhan deaths with some evidences.


People making lines at funeral halls tells real Wuhan deaths


You can see Wuhan deaths form this case. Below is the actually announced information from China gov.


武昌 funeral hall will hand over 500 ashes dead from covid19 to their families everyday from 23 Mar to 4 Apr.


Wuhan city has 7 funeral halls, so the total number is supposed to be 45,500 (=500 x 13days x 7sites).



The gov announcement clearly says “dead from covid19”, this means the previously announced deaths number 3,300 was a fake.


Absolutely there was any other people who was cremated earlier than that period, so the actual deaths number could be bigger than this 45,500.



Also nobody knows their ashes were returned to their families correctly.





Cremation sites tell real Wuhan deaths


You can see the video which is interviewing a staff working at a cremation site in Wuhan, and you can find the number China gov announced was filled with lies.

Talking about the credibility for this video, it is much more credible than China gov, judging from the detailed statement.


You must remember firstly that Wuhan has 7 cremation sites and every site was in the same situation at that time.


In Mar 2020 China gov announced their total domestic death number was 3,300, but it is supposed that 20,000 people were dead in just 10 days from 22 Jan, just in Wuhan.

Below is the logic.

cremation for 1 person needs 50 min = 29 people 1 day = 11 incinerators / 319 people = 10 days 3,200 people = 7 sites 22,400 people


Although there can be some differences for processing capacity, above is just a calculation for the period before the interview. It is sure that there also happened continuous deaths after the interview.

And if they had the same situation 10 more days, it means at least 50,000 people were dead just in Wuhan.


Moreover, it is difficult to say deaths only happened in these 10 or 20 days, and it is not sure if they actually had the death from covid more before this.


Above is just for Wuhan case, if talking about whole of China, who believe their domestic death is only 3,300 ?


A cremation site staff’s statement


  • on 4 Feb, their working amount reached 5 times of normal day.
  • on 4 Feb, every staff has keep working more than 10 days without day-off. (also don’t know when this situation would finish)
  • deaths has drastically increased from 22 Jan, and the site has been operating for 24 hours.
  • operating with 2 shifts for 24 hours, no way to change to 3 shifts because of manpower constraint.
  • it is lucky if we can sleep fro 2 or 3 hours.
  • nobody can not go home.
  • if talking about yesterday, we need 40 – 50 more staff.
  • we have about 110 staff now.
  • we only have 11 incinerators and there is no decent equipment.
  • one person needs to operate several incinerators.
  • we have 9 vehicles and 1 needs 4 staff.
  • all of the male staff go outside to recover the bodies.
  • previously one vehicle only could recover one body, but they have been remodeled and recovery 2 at least.
  • also we use remodeled bus to recover 7 to 8 bodies at one time.
  • cremation for one body needs 50 min.
  • secretary of Wuhan Ma-guoqiang is ordering us to recovery body in 1 and a half hour. Who can do that ? You do it by yourself !
  • operating body recovery for 24 hours.
  • I’m almost get crazy and want to jumping off a building.
  • if someone died in a hospital, policeman finish agreement for incineration with his family in 30 min. It’s really crazy.
  • other cremation site is more worse.
  • 61% of dead people is died in their house.
  • executive in Wuhan said we are not busy. come and see here with your eyes ! I will give you see all the record !
  • on 3 Feb, recovered 127 bodies, only 8 were handled as covid19, 48 were handled for doubt.



China gov says the domestic death is 3,300


On 28 Mar China gov opened below data.


Infections: 82,214

Deaths: 3,300


If only see Wuhan and Hubei ;